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I Am

Going to get this tatooed onto my Shoulder Blade, how good are you with a Tatoo Gun?

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well, for one thing her breast are too far up. the 'side-boob' is completely off. on the same note way you have her pant's (low-rider or not pulled all the way up take all the form out of her butt. those two problems together make it look like she has an elongated back. she looks more like a man that a woman in some ways. (like that is a very man-ish stance she's using. she would look a lot more womanly if she kept her legs together) also, her left leg is way longer than her right. unless she's stepping forward which i doubt she is.

on a more positive note her re-breather mechanism is beautiful, however, i know you know if you animate it with the hoses it's going to be a major bitch.

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new desktop background.

there are only a couple small details wrong with this picture. first is the ginormous middle finger on her right hand. second, her upper arms are just slightly too long, consiquently her lower arms are slightly too short. third is the m1911, it's bigger than a Desert Eagle, hell, it's bigger than a tec-9. and the grip is perpendicular to the slide, which is wrong. (it's about a 100 degree angle.) one question, how much of her exactly would be robotics? my opinion is go with her the way of "Ghost in the Shell" in terms of how much, because that's the kind of aura the arm wound gives off. nice job with it, by the way. although i have trouble seeing how she would obtain a wound like that. (looks kinda like a really, really, really, REALLY, bad road-rash, or somthing big bit her.)

oh, and in reponse to what WisdomThumbs said, her knockers are perfect, she's bustin' out of a 36DD already.

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good work overall....

but she has two left hands. kinda distracting. also, there's somthing a little off on the BAR.... i just can't figure out what yet, even as i have my file of gun pics out and am comparing them side by side.

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